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June 7, 2011
|  filed under: Engagement
I love when our couples want to include their pets in their engagement session. Kammi and I are dog lovers and they are such huge part of our family. They brought their dog, Penny for the first part of the session. She had a really hard time focusing for the session since she loves to play fetch. Once we brought out the ball is was all over for Penny. She only could focus on the ball. So I just grabbed some shots of the dog playing.
Brandon and Michelle are such a great couple, hearing how they met, just shows you what you do when you like and fall in love with someone. We went back to where it all began for them….University of Colorado. Michelle was the first to make a move, seeing Brandon is a small summer class at University of Colorado. She asked him frequently if the seat was taken next to him, in a classroom that seated 75, but only 20 were attending for the summer. After they hit it off, Brandon would walk her to her apartment after class, this was on the otherside of campus. After walking her home, he would then have to go all the way back to the other side of campus where he had parked his car. The things we do for love.