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July 21, 2011
|  filed under: Weddings

Nicole and Nate had a Manor House Wedding on a hot hot day in June. You would think that being bald I would learn to put sunscreen on by now, but sometimes I just forget. Needless to say, by the time the reception rolled around my head felt like it was a furnace. The Manor House is in Littleton, right at the edge of the foothills. It’s got great mountain views on one side and a perfect view of the Denver skyline on the other. A perfect place to showcase your Colorado wedding.  

Nate and Nicole wanted to enjoy all the family and friends that had come to celebrate the day, so they saw choose to see each other before the ceremony. It was a relaxed setting and we got all the photos done, so Nate and Nicole could get to cocktail hour.

 Nicole had her makeup done by the fabulous Janine of Makeup by Janine. Janine does the makeup for all of my senior girls that I photograph, but I have never actually worked with her at at wedding. Once again, she did a stellar job on makeup.

 By the time cocktail hour arrived, it was a beautiful Colorado summer night. A slight warm breeze, no clouds and the night sky lit up by stars. It was perfect. Nate and Nicole got to spend all their time with everyone who came to celebrate with them.