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May 3, 2011
|  filed under: Little Wonders

Working and photographing children is fun…for the most part. Sometimes, children just aren’t in the mood to be a supermodel. This is the case when Makena turned ONE! We actually photographed on her birthday and she was not a happy birthday girl for the camera. I am sure as soon as we were done she was happy as a clam. Anyways, we photographed round two the following week and she was happy as she could be and was so ready to be photographed. As you can see from the photos from the first session, she had on her pout pout face. We went indoors for the second session and she did fantastic. It’s been a huge blessing to photograph this family. Kammi and I actually photographed Makena’s parents destination wedding in Hawaii several years ago, and also Makena’s newborn session, and when she was about six months. To be apart of these families lives and document these milestones is why I love our job.