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September 6, 2012
|  filed under: Engagement

I received an email inquiry recently from Briana who lives in Nebraska. Briana and James met while working at Denver International Airport and were wanted to do their engagement session there. I was so stoked about shooting this session. I love it when a couple wants to include a place that is special to them for their engagement session. With this day and age of security at the airport, I didn’t know what we would be able to accomplish. I didn’t know if security would tell us to leave, but was planning on being stopped. Shoot first ask later..right. Well we never got stopped and ¬†we roamed around the general areas that weren’t near security.

We couldn’t go to any of the terminals, but that was ok for us as we got some great shots. We were hoping for a sunset at the end of the session which we didn’t get. We did get some great skies at twilight which is fine by me. The last three outside shots with the airport roof in the background, I asked them to stand on the roof of my truck so we could keep the cars and parking garage out of the shot. Briana in high heels and all was game and jumped right up there. I think it was so worth it as it is one of my favorites.