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February 12, 2014
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I still get all giddy when our work is featured online or printed in magazines.  I love that our clients get to see their wedding day published.  Hanna & Rusty’s two day wedding celebration was just published by On the Go Bride. There ceremony was held on their private property in the Colorado Mountains for just family. The next day they had a big reception for all their friends and family at the beautiful Crooked Willow Farms.

Here are a some photos from their wedding to see all the wedding celebration head over to On the Go Bride.

Elegant Images_Weddings_0001

Elegant Images_Weddings_0004

Elegant Images_Weddings_0005

Elegant Images_Weddings_0009

Elegant Images_Weddings_0026

Elegant Images_Weddings_0042

Elegant Images_Weddings_0044

Elegant Images_Weddings_0057

Elegant Images_Weddings_0064

Elegant Images_Weddings_0077

Elegant Images_Weddings_0078

Elegant Images_Weddings_0081

Elegant Images_Weddings_0092

Elegant Images_Weddings_0111

Elegant Images_Weddings_0118

Elegant Images_Weddings_0128