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June 13, 2012
|  filed under: Weddings

I love living in Colorado. It’s pretty much the perfect state to live in. The only thing we are missing is a beach. Since I lived in Florida for a while, I certainly miss that aspect. Denver Colorado has all four seasons, plenty of sunshine, and it’s close to the mountains. Jen & David recently got married on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in Beaver Creek. They had their ceremony and reception at the Beaver Creek Hyatt. From Denver, Beaver Creek is a short two hour drive into the mountains. Jen & David opted to see each other before the ceremony for their portraits. We set up a first sight on the Hyatt’s grand staircase for them to see each other and have a moment alone. After that we roamed the hotel and the village streets of Beaver Creek. Such a great getting to know them and photograph their big day.

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