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March 30, 2012
|  filed under: Our Life

Kammi here.  I had the opportunity to photograph a baby delivery yesterday.  This was not your typical delivery though.  Cora is almost one and just arrived from an exhausting 30 hour flight from Ethiopia, Africa with her mom and dad. I couldn’t help but tear up as I entered our airport yesterday. So many days of prayer and waiting and now this family would have their sweet girl in their arms and HOME!  Kelly, the mother, is a childhood friend of mine which makes this journey all the more personal for me. That, and I now have a special place in my heart for little girls.  The first few months after our Trinity’s birth I remember feeding her in the night and just being overwhelmed with emotions.  So much love and a mommy that can feed her patiently every night (any multiple times if you are counting. Still.).  My heart just broke for those babies around the world the don’t have that. Someone to love, care, and dedicate their life to them.  At that moment that my child rested in my arms, there were babies crying – just wanting to be held.  While I don’t know the specific details of Cora’s infant hood, I DO know she is now in a forever family and community that will love, care and dedicate their lives to her.

What an amazing journey she has already been on. If you want to follow a bit of the path this family took  you can go to their blog at http://ourjourney2three.blogspot.com

I am so grateful I was allowed the privilege to document this special arrival. Her two brothers and grandmas were there to welcome her into their hearts and homes.  We are so excited to meet Cora.  And we can not wait to watch her grow and see what her future holds.

P.S. Trinity is patiently waiting for a play date.